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Hollywood Christmas Parade
-The 84th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade

Los Angeles, CA (December 9, 2015)—The 84th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade, the largest Christmas celebration in America, will premiere nationwide on the CW Network on December 11 at 8:00 p.m. EST/PST featuring the “Magic Of Christmas!” theme with Grand Marshals Penn & Teller of CW’s hit series “Fool Us.”  The parade will also include special reality-defying magic tricks by Jonathan PendragonMichael Turco, Michael GrandinettiTitou and Nathan Phan from the CW’s hit series “Masters of Illusion” with co-hosts Elizabeth StantonGarrett Clayton and Montel Williams;  musical performances, and more.  A true Hollywood tradition, this year’s parade includes more than 4,000 participants with larger than life inflatable character balloons and celebrity filled cars making the much heralded trek down Hollywood Boulevard.

This year’s parade will honor Oscar de la Hoya with the “Humanitarian Award” for his outstanding charity work over the years; Deidre Hall will make a special presentation to Toys For Tots.  A wide variety of stellar musical performances will also be featured with such artists as Clay Aiken; India.Arie; Band of Merrymakers featuring Mark McGrath, Tyler Glenn of Neon Trees; Currently on tour, The Beach Boys performing Mike Love’s new single “(You’ll Never Be) Alone On Christmas Day”; Daughtry; Diana DeGarmo; Kat Graham; Candice Glover; Taylor Hicks; Alexander Jean featuring B.C. Jean and Mark Ballas; Sean Kingston; Heather Russell; Ruben Studdard; and Ace Young.  The cast of Lythgoe Family Productions' Peter Pan and Tinker Bell:  A Pirates Christmas – Panto at The Playhouse will also perform and will include Sabrina Carpenter, Parvesh Cheena, Chrissie Fit, Corey Fogelmanis, Ricky Jaime, Chris Jarosz, Auggie Maturo, John O’Hurley, Nikki SooHoo, Mason Trueblood and Kevin Quinn.  All performances feature the Marine Toys for Tots program, which is essential in providing gifts to less fortunate children worldwide.
A special salute to American soaps will also be showcased with appearances by General Hospital’s Rick Hearst and Bradford Anderson;  The Young & Restless’ Tristan Rogers, Kate Linder, Bryton James and Christel Khalil;  The Bold & The Beautiful’s Scott Clifton and Jacqueline Macinnes Wood;  Days Of Our Lives’ Martha Madison, Deidre Hall and Galen Gering.
The 84th Annual Hollywood Christmas Parade is produced by Associated Television International.  Media partners for this year’s parade include CW Network, Entertainment Tonight, The Insider, Variety, KTLA, Hallmark Channel and KOST.
Long Beach Junior
Bloomington HS North
Cedarburg HS
Kaiser High School
Blazen Divas
Italian Group
Golden Sail
Mountain Fifes and Drums
Rancho Verde Crimson Regiment
LA Catholic
LA Police Emerald Society Pipes and Drums
1st Marines San Diego



- London premiere of Daddy’s Home.

DADDY’S HOME” follows a mild-mannered radio executive (Ferrell) who strives to become the best stepdad to his wife’s two children, but complications ensue when their freewheeling and freeloading real father (Wahlberg) arrives, forcing him to compete for the affection of the kids.


Idina Manzel
- L.A. Premiere of IF/THEN starring Idina Menzel.

L.A. Premiere of IF/THEN starring Idina Menzel was a rousing success. The stars were out in full force / high fashion, looking just fantastic. IF/THEN is now playing at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre through January 3, 2016 .

  • Idina Manzel Idina Manzel
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Comicon for Politics


The Los Angeles Convention Center was host to POLITICON, a political geek gathering over the weekend, with appearances by various pundits, would-be politicians, celebrities in the world of policy, and other purveyors of all things politic. It was nearly 100 degrees outside, so unless one was basking by the surf, the air conditioned caverns of LACC were not a bad place to be.

And, a special panel announced during the conference touted a live session with exiled hero/traitor Edward Snowden in a remote feed from Russia. The interview, arranged by FLOOD Magazine, was conducted by THE YES MEN a political comedy team whose corporate-criminal persona exposes institutionalized corruption. So it should have come as no surprise, when the team made a stunning news announcement to the standing only crowd, that President Obama had pardoned Snowden, and he was now a free man. And it should have been equally non-plussing when those Yes Men followed up with an even more stunning revelation that Snowden was making his first appearance on US soil at, none other than, POLITICON!!!!!

Edward Snowden
Edward Snowden

From behind a curtain steps who appeared to be Edward Snowden himself. The crowd gasped, and ruched the stage to snap photos, and get a closer glimpse. Mick Jagger wouldn't have gotten a better rock star reception.

But later, when Snowden appeared on the big screen, his live remote some 45 minutes late, the jig was up.

Edward Snowden

And POLTICON was off and rolling.

CLAY AIKEN speaking on panel "Celebrity Influence in Politics"


Snowden, the man not the impostor, had some very interesting things to say. He pointed out, "I'm not an extraordinary individual. I'm no different than anyone else.

Asked why he did what he did, he recalled seeing intelligence that revealed far more surveillance of ordinary people than was being admitted to by government officials. He and his colleagues all knew it.
"What I witnessed...I saw that we had begun violating the Constitution. That was new and novel, and had not been done before...As I saw this, I realized it was not so much about surveillance, it was about Democracy."

Snowden conceded governmental watchdogs were necessary, but preferred the people had a better hand on the "leash".

But it was the testimony of DIA Director James Clapper, before a senate committee, and Senator Wyden from Oregon that set Snowden off. Clapper answered a question from the senator about whether millions of Americans were routinely being surveilled in the negative. And Snowden knew it was a lie. He knew Wyden knew it was a lie. And that was that.

From this grand theater, to a session entitled Michele Bachmann Explains It All. Now we're having fun!

With moderator John Avlon, Michele Bachmann was actually charming, self-effacing, and rather scholarly, in a simple kind of Minnesota way. The hour was very much a treatise on the Constitution, with the former congresswoman and presidential candidate revealing her love of history. As a side note she pitched Broadway,
"Everyone needs to see Hamilton. Best play in years. And get the soundtrack."

Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann

She was born a Democrat, as is everyone who is born in Minnesota. Turns out she was born in Iowa, but Democrat nonetheless. She handed out flyers for Jimmy Carter in 1976. She was a Democrat.

But soon after, on a train, reading Gore Vidal, she had an epiphany, and that was all done.

She was booed when repeating her infamous statement about President Obama made on HARDBALL to Chris Matthews, about his anti-American views, but laughed, as if genuinely fired up, "Bring it on. This is remarkable. What a lovely event."

She stressed that the founding fathers designed the Constitution to survive interpretations by imperfect beings, taking the time to admit her imperfections, "I'm the world's biggest sinner." And when she was chortled by the moderator about her no longer being in the congress, and the disarray in the Republican party, a surprisingly likeable Michele Bachmann reminded us that she chose to step down after 8 years because she believes in term limits, and that others in DC should follow, and, that she would have easily won re-election in her district, thank you very much. Crowd applauds. She did explain it all!

Michele Bachmann
Michele Bachmann

The weekend included an impressive lineup of comedians, politicians, and commentators. Black Lives Matter held a session; Ann Coulter signed and sold books; James Carville and Paul Begala reminisced about the War Room; Newt Gingrich posed for selfies in a progressively leaning crowd; Clay Aiken was am expert on a panel about celebrities and races; and, Trevor Noah from The Daily Show, closed the event with a live standup.

Newt Gingrich
Newt Gingrich in big selfie demand
MSNBC fully represented at Politicon
The Young Turks hold court.

It was a fantastic weekend in Los Angeles.

Highlights from the Politcon art show.

One of the highlights of Politicon was a one-on-one conversation between Cenk Uygur, the staunchly progressive host of The Young Turks, and Ann Coulter, the controversial conservative pundit.

In a wide ranging conversation in front of a packed, standing room only crowd of more than 1000 (the largest crowd of the weekend) Uygur and Coulter covered everything from women’s rights to vote, the Iraq War, 9/11, immigration policy, and more.

The full video is here:


Jane Fonda

10.4.15 - Last Sunday was ladies' night in Santa Barbara, and they all came out to dance! Elizabeth Banks and Diane Lane were in town to fete their friend Jane Fonda.

The Santa Barbara International Film Festival and its Director Roger Durling honored Jane Fonda with their 10th annual Kirk Douglas Award for Excellence in Film at a gala event held at the Bacara Resort & Spa in Santa Barbara. The event kicked off with a pre-reception and red carpet held in the courtyard, where guests mingled and sipped Altos del Plata wines. Following Elizabeth Banks and Diane Lane, Jane Fonda danced onto the red carpet looking stunning in a green Elie Saab jumpsuit.

After dinner, Hennessy’s Paradis Imperial cognac was distributed for a toast. Following the toast, Elizabeth Banks took the stage to thank Jane for her art, activism, and inspiration, calling her a "walking celebration of feminity and power". Banks also cited that while she had watched a reel including all of Fonda's films, she was not embarrassed to say that 9 to 5, which she watched as a seven year old, was her favorite. It made her dream of being a BOSS like Judy Bernly.

Diane Lane shortly followed to present the award to Jane. Saying she was here out of a sincere love for her, Diane thanked her for being the woman who has informed everyone's love with courage and honesty.

This evening of female empowerment concluded with Jane's acceptance of the award. She thanked everyone in attendance as well as Kirk Douglas who had submitted a taped message for Jane that played earlier in the evening. Jane also thanked the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and as an activist herself, lauded the festival for its many year-round charitable programs.

doble click to play




Mick Jagger joined Taylor Swift on stage tonight in Nashville for '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'

9.26.15 - Mick Jagger joined Taylor Swift on stage Saturday tonight in Nashville for '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'

Getty Images

Brad Museum

9.20.15 - The Broad Museum.

The Broad Museum, the newest inhabitant of downtown LA's burgeoning arts district that is Grand Avenue, openened to the public Sunday September 20. Admision to the eclectic collection of post war and contemporary art is free, and the space is spectacular.



9.20.15 - Bleona - ReelGayTV Q&A plus Vevo premiere of "Take You Over"


ReelGayTV: Hello Bleona. The first time I saw VLE was in Palm Springs for the White Party, maybe 3 years ago. It was like 90, and scorching, and you came out poolside in a full bear suit, which revealed to a dazzling, sparkly cocktail dress. Quite a fashion statement! Where did you get your sense of style?

Bleona: Ha ha ha! Thank you for the compliments! But what else can you do in a pool party full of gorgeous men? Plus add the fact that no one has heard your name yet? I had to come with an idea to make a statement and put my stamp on it, so they would never forget!!! I love bling. I don't buy anything that is not blingy. Even when i go to Starbucks, I am full-on bling. Fabulous-ity and over the top fashion is a way of living. It's not a one time thing for me.

ReelGayTV: And how do you maintain that stunning body?

Bleona: Uhhhhh - yes lets talk about that. I do have trainers, but to be quite honest, I don't see them 99 % of the time that I'm scheduled. I LOVE good food and I love to eat. I'm not one of those girls that would give up eating. So, after I eat and I reach a point of no return, where things cant be like they were before, I get this crazy discipline to put things back on track. I do juicing for 7 days and my body is back in shape. I juice often,, especially before a big performance. I also love yoga, but ultimately I need to thank my mom and dad for giving me good genes.

ReelGayTV: What food is your guilty pleasure?

Bleona: Carbs … and deserts .. I love cronuts.

ReelGayTV: If we snuck into your house right now, btw, is that in Los Angeles? What would we find in your refrigerator?

Bleona: Just green juice. I try not to keep food in the house, so I'm not tempted to over-eat. So the best idea is to have nothing but green juice. Usually the first part of the day I'm really good, I'll have my coffe and my greens, but when the night comes, carbs are my best friend. But, hey, life is too short to be on a diet. I mean this. We are all people and we all deserve to get pleasure from food on a daily basis. God created each one of us in a different way and we are all beautiful on our own way. I think the magazines have set-up an impossible standard which 99% of the time is not realistic. I don't want to get caught in that circle. I'm actually a real person.

ReelGayTV: Did your parents really send you to school to study finance? How long before you realized 'this is not for me’?

Bleona: I mean can you believe that? My mom was like: “You are not going to be Tra -La -La your whole life. You need to have a brain." I realized this wasn’t for me since they came up with the idea and I'm pretty set on my ways. I had to sneak out of school and do the whole thing my own way.

ReelGayTV: You can speak, and sing in 4 languages, that's pretty special. You have a favorite?

Bleona: I learned German because it was mandatory in my school, plus I have done 80 concerts+ a year in germany and in the rest of Europe, so I had to perfect the language. I love Italian language d though , italy is like my second home .. I love Laura Pausini which is one of the biggest names in italian music and i love her music ..So listening to her album when i was a teenager i needed to know what was the meaning of those beautiful songs , so i had to learn italian ..and again i have many friends in italy and i have a special connection with italy so the language was used very often .. Albanian is my native language, and English of course i did in elementary school and continued till college .

ReelGayTV: How was your experience doing reality television with Euros of Hollywood?

Bleona: It was an interesting experience to film an American reality show and it definitely has raised awareness of who I am, and now I am looking forward to the next chapter in my life , which is releasing my music in the states and make america sing together with me and rock the world ..

ReelGayTV: Will we see more of you on TV?

Bleona: Yes i would love to , why not , if i have an offer why not ..

ReelGayTV: So tell us about the new single, is it part of a whole album release

Bleona: I am not born in American and I wanted to bring an international flavor to my music, which is of course produced by American producers. I want to leave my fingerprint in the music industry. The world has become more global, so the idea was to create a unique sonic blend of American pop music with a global approach that resonates with every culture. Back home, I have always been known as a rebellious entertainer and now in English my music is no different. "Take You Over" is still pop - dance, and it's fun, but there is also a very strong message about female empowerment.

I've just finished shooting the video for the single and it was actually a huge pressure, as I set the bar really high on my videos back home. I always look to ways to bring innovative ideas and to go further with crazy visuals and live performances.

I'm representing high fashion with "Take You Over" and brought Dennis Leopold on board. He is an amazing high fashion photographer and video director with an impressive portfolio starting from Rihanna to J-Lo. We also brought on Jeffrey Kelly as Director of Photography, who has an amazing talent when it comes to camera work and lighting. He worked J-Lo's "Booty" and Beyonce's "Drunk In Love and most of Beyonce's videos on her last album. So - I couldn't resist working with the best team ever on my very first video debut in the U.S. And YES - this is part of an upcoming album which releases in early 2016.

ReelGayTV: You performed the song on "X Factor Albania". Is your "class" really "bigger than your ass"? Cause, that's a lot of class girl.

Bleona: Ha ha ha ha! Are you calling my A$$ big? ( kidding). Yes, definitely, my class is bigger then my A$$. I think this song really describes me as a character. Even when I gain some weight, I still think my class is bigger, as it should be. I'm not fond of non-ethical people.
You really fit well within the dance genre, with your fashion sense and your look. Can we expect more dance tracks on the release in 2016?
Absolutely, this is just the start.

ReelGayTV: And speaking of fashion, you have your own line.

Bleona: I am pop singer. Music and crazy visuals are what I do. This is how I express my self. Because music and fashion go well together, I wanted to further express my ideas on fashion. I am a shoe fanatic and jewelry is my Achilles heel, so the best way to start was with shoes & jewelry on
Where can people keep up with Bleona?
My instagram @iambleona Twitter @iambleona Facebok Bleona

ReelGayTV: Any live dates scheduled?

Bleona: So far I have a concert end of November in Miami and we are setting up October dates for the US clubs.

ReelGayTV: All the best in all of your endeavors.

Bleona: Thank you for the opportunity! Much Love, Bleona.





Desert Aids Project serves the Coachella Valley in the areas of HIV specialty services including medical care, food, housing, transportation, counseling, and other vital management for those afflicted with HIV. But they also throw great parties, whether it be a fashion show poolside at one of the many fantastic hotels in the valley; or a formal black tie affair with dinner and entertainment; or as Saturday, a mid-summer dance party, in the midst of the heat in the dead of summer.

The theme this year was a 1950's sock hop, held in the air-conditioned Palm Springs Pavillion, it could have been high school, anywhere USA. Guys had there faded jeans, white tees rolled up with a cigarette pack in the sleeves, and slicked back hair. The "girls" came in poodle skirts and sweaters, or as Olivia Newton John with the blonde locks and the tight black jeans, ala Grease. Olivia, herself, even made a video appearance from Las Vegas, wishing the party-goers a good time and inviting them to see her perform in Sin City. Very impressive.

Lola, the area's resident diva, drag queen made an appearance in a stunning black and white one-piece swimsuit, perfectly accessorized with black and white patterned beach bag, and a swooping, white-ringed black hat that sheltered her face in just the right way. That face needs no covering up, but Lola has her way!

There was even entertainment, with Jazmyn Simone-Echelon performing Fever, and MC Ethylina Canne doing a fantastic drag turn with a '50's medley, backed up by 3 hot "Fonzie" dancers. Choreographer and producer Steven Michael took to the stage for a finale with Jazmyn.

Proceeds went to the great cause that is Desert Aids Project. But more importantly, the night was a good time, as all their events are. Don't miss the next one.

For info on Desert Aids Project and their upcoming events, go to:



Vince Vaughn

6.22.15 - Hollywood Stars and Industry Notables Emerged for the
14th Annual Chrysalis Butterfly Ball

The Chrysalis Butterfly Ball brought the Hollywood industry and celebrities together to honor remarkable men and women within the film, television and music industries who strive to achieve creative excellence. This year over 650 guests gathered for an unforgettable evening benefitting Chrysalis’ effort to help individuals out of poverty and homelessness by providing the tools necessary to gain employment. The event began with a red carpet and outdoor cocktail reception followed by a sit-down dinner, awards ceremony and live musical performances by Grammy-nominated singer/songwriter Aloe Blacc and songwriter/artivist Maya Jupiter. This year’s Master of Ceremonies was Max Greenfield with special guest Kristen Bell.

The 2015 recipients of the Spirit of Chrysalis Award included Betsy Beers, partner of Shondaland (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Scandal” and “How To Get Away With Murder”), Will Packer, founder of Will Packer Productions (Ride Along, Think Like A Man), and Michael Wright, CEO of DreamWorks Studios (The Hundred-Foot Journey, Bridge of Spies). The event also celebrated Chrysalis client Charles Johnson who received the John Dillon Award.



Doris Roberts

6.22.15 - TV/Film Performers & Political Powers Appear in Support
of LGBT History Month's "Reel to Real" Unveiling

Among the eclectic list of patrons who attended the the VIP reception preview of the "Reel to Real" LGBT History Month exhibit at The Hollywood Museum (Located in the Historic Max Facter Building), that opened to the public on June 12th, were Doris Roberts, Barry Livingston, Ann Walker, Morgan Brittany, Lee Purcell, Jack Betts, Kate Linder, Steve Wishnoff, Barbara Van Orden, Erin Murphy, Jerome Ro Brooks, Jackie Goldberg (The Pink Lady), Shelly Goldstein, Margaret O'Brien, Channing Chase, Carolyn Hennesy, Geri Jewell, Nick Verreos, Scott T. Scofield, Cynthia J. Popp, Judy Tenuta, as well as City Controller Ron Galperin, Deputy Chief Beatrice Girmala, Councilman Mitch O'Farrell and the Reverend Grace.

The Petite Flower, Love Goddess, and Princess of Pantyshields, Judy Tenuta, remarked "I love, love doing shows for my Gays. They are FLAWLESS. The most enthusiastic, and adoring fans ever to appreciate that I even have my own religion: Judyism, and they are the first to worship at my altar! IT COULD HAPPEN!"

Carolyn Hennesy,
TruBlood" and "General Hospital" star, Carolyn Hennesy, stand before the famous pink satin coffin designed by set designer, Ron Franco, and used by co-star, Kristin Baur van Straten
Morgan Brittany and Donelle Dadigan
Morgan Brittany and Museum Founder and President, Donelle Dadigan on the Red Carpet
Geri Jewell
Star of "Facts OF Life" and HBO's "Deadwood," Geri Jewell, stands by her items in the exhibit
Cynthia J. Popp
Bold and The Beautiful Producer/Director, Cynthia J. Popp
Margaret O'Brien
Academy Award winner, Margaret O'Brien, with finalists costume from "RuPaul's Drag Race"

The Hollywood Museum is proud to offer an exclusive new exhibition ? Reel to Real: Portrayals and Perceptions of Gays in Hollywood ? an entertaining and informative retrospective of LGBT images in film and television throughout the decades. The showcase runs through July 20, coinciding with LGBT Heritage Month and Outfest LA (July 10- 20). Featured in the collection are photos, costumes, props and iconic imagery from the past and present. The exhibit provides a unique perspective on how the homosexual community has been portrayed in Hollywood from early stereotypes to modern representations. The Reel to Real exhibition is sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank and The Hollywood Reporter (Media Sponsor).

Among those who spoke to the gathering were Emmy winner, Doris Roberts, who commented, "I was once asked if I was gay, and I said 'No ... but, I am a Russian Jew.'" Celebrated Producer/Director, Cynthia J. Popp, spoke of the importance and honor it is to be part of something as meaningful as the transgender storyline, currently playing out on "The Bold and the Beautiful," while comedienne, Geri Jewell stated "Over a decade ago I decided to come out ... as someone with Cerebral Palsy." After a pause during laughter, she added "Seriously, just as I was born with Cerebral Palsy, I was also born a Lesbian. This has made me a more understanding, caring, and compassionate human being."

Among the impressive and eclectic array of paraphernalia and memorabilia on display are items from "Modern Family," "Orange Is The New Black," "Life Interrupted," "Two and a Half Men," "Hot In Cleveland," "Days Of Our Lives," the controversial "K-11," "The Bold and the Beautiful," and Tyler Perry's "The Haves and Have Nots." Also included are items representing the considerable contributions made to entertainment by out and proud members of the industry including the sheet music for "I am What I am" by Jerry Herman and costumes from his hit productions, such as "LA Cage Aux Folles" and "Hello Dolly!," costumes worn by noted actors such as Ramon Navarro ("Ben Hur"), Rock Hudson ("Captain Lightfoot"), Agnes Moorehead ("Bewitched"), and Nathan Lane ("Bird Cage"), Lily Tomlin's extra large rocking chair from LaughIn and the walk of fame plaque commemorating the star she shares with her partner, Jane Wagner, and famous T-Shirts worn by comedy stars Bruce Vilanch and Geri Jewell. Of particular interest to patrons were dresses by designers, Nolan Miller, Bob Mackie and the late creator of the Best and Worst Dressed List, Mr. Blackwell and his life partner of 59 years, R. L. Spencer.

?The museum welcomes the opportunity to create and showcase this important exhibition, sharing with the public the artistic expression of the LGBT culture and its transformative impact on the world through the entertainment industry,? says Donelle Dadigan, Founder and President of The Hollywood Museum

In addition to some of his personal effects, The Roddy McDowall Powder Room contains photos and quotes supporting the LGBT community by Antonio Banderas, Kristin Chenoweth, Bette Davis, Rupert Everett, Tina Fey, Portia de Rossi, Ian McKellen, Marilyn Monroe, Daniel Radcliffe, Barbara Stanwyk, Carol Channing, Liza Minnelli, and Betty White, among others. A touching display features a cocktail dress belonging to Elizabeth Taylor, with quotes regarding friends and AIDS.

This and so much more are waiting to be experienced by patrons who visit the museum during the presentations limited run.

The Hollywood Museum in the historic Max Factor Building, located in the heart of Hollywood, just steps from the Hollywood Walk of Fame, houses the largest collection of entertainment memorabilia in the world. It attracts fans from around the world and has been named the #1 top tourist attraction in Hollywood by LA Weekly, and one of the ?Top 10? Museums in LA by the LA Tourism and Convention Board.



Los Angeles, California - March 20, 2015 Style Fashion Week @STYLEFWLA

Latrodectus set Style's runway on fire with its sexy yet sophisticated line of Couture Lingerie. Designer Kaila Methven has been studying fashion at Esmode, and subsequently doing her masters at the prestigious International Fashion Academy. With her knowledge of design techniques and the experience she's gained over the years, she's launched her brand Latrodectus. The collection had the audience sitting at the edge of their seats in anticipation of each look that outdid one another. Her new line of haute couture lingerie is an eccentric collection of exceptional pieces celebrating the essence of a woman's body which resonates with most audiences within a wide spectrum of society. With so much attention to detail and the amount of talent that was showcased on the runway, this impeccable designer is headed to the top.

Style Fashion Week
Style Fashion Week

Joanna Kinsman debuted her fun and flirty collection of swimwear during Style Fashion Week in front of a room full of celebrities including the first ever super model Janice Dickinson and Pussycat dolls Carmit Bachar. Kinsman showcased a collection consisting of swimwear tops, bottoms and cover ups that were perfectly paired together demonstrating the versatility of her collection. Pieces in her collection could have simply been paired with a variety of others within the collection and always resulting in a fashionably trendy assemble.



4.1.15 - Andre Soriano makes a surprise opening to his runway show
Los Angeles, California - March 21 , 2015 Style Fashion Week @STYLEFWLA

Latrodectus set Style's runway on fire with its sexy yet sophisticated line of Couture Lingerie. Designer Kaila Methven has been studying fashion at Esmode, and subsequently doing her masters at the prestigious International Fashion Academy. With her knowledge of design techniques and the experience she's gained over the years, she's launched her brand Latrodectus. The collection had the audience sitting at the edge of their seats in anticipation of each look that outdid one another. Her new line of haute couture lingerie is an eccentric collection of exceptional pieces celebrating the essence of a woman's body which resonates with most audiences within a wide spectrum of society. With so much attention to detail and the amount of talent that was showcased on the runway, this impeccable designer is headed to the top.

Style Fashion Week fasion week
Style Fashion Week

Andre Soriano, as seen on Project Runway, surprised the crowd with an unexpected gesture as he ran out in a bathrobe and a sewing machine in one hand, of course setting a fun and exciting tone for the night. Andre showcased his FW'15 called "Icon: A Tribute to Womanhood." His collection consisted of furs and form fitting jerseys embodying a woman's beautiful silhouette and celebrating the dignity and morality of a woman's body as the common theme being showcased on the runway throughout the night.



4.1.15 - Celebrity Coco Johnsen, Emerging Designer Ophelia Song & Tatiana Shabelnik Showcase a New Class of Sexy Appeal in Los Angeles, California - March 19, 2015 Style Fashion Week @STYLEFWLA

Coco Johnsen, a multitalented designer, model and actress debuted her FW'15 collection on Styles runway. The successful designer has appeared in GQ, Vogue UK, Clear Magazine, WWD and more. Her collection consisted of versatility in terms of color and the use of fabrics, including lots of sheer and sequence embroidered fabrications. Coco's collection also reflected a sense of femininity and fashion forward thinking, characteristics she embodies and also the types of women she likes to design for.

Style Fashion Week
Style Fashion Week
LA Fashion Week
LA Fashion Week

Tatiana Shabelnik spiced up the runway showcasing her collection of European designs with a dash of energy by incorporating some Cha Cha dance routines along with some ball room dancing. Her collection consisted of some very chic and classy pieces that were enriched with bold colors. The designer made quite the statement with her choreographed runway show as she debuted her FW'15 collection.



4.1.15 - Janice Dickinson Walks the Runway in Red at Style Fashion Week in Support of the American Heart Association

Style Fashion Week Showcased the Celebrity Red Dress Fashion Show benefitting the American Hearts Association For Women in its aim to raise awareness and support the fight against heart disease and stroke. The show featured choreographed dancers and special performances combined with entertainment personalities modeling beautiful red dresses from designers like Pol' Atteu, Walter Mendez, Metal Noir, Quynh Paris, Nancy Wu, Single and more. Pairing the dresses with celebrities such as Janice Dickinson (first super model), Carmit Bachar (Pussy Cat Dolls) along with her adorable daughter Keala and many other talented celebrities, proudly walked down the runway advocating the importance to educate and raise awareness for heart disease and stroke.

Style Fashion Week
Designer Pol' Atteu presented a few pieces from his couture collection in phenomenal Style. Pol's fashion production had guests sitting at the edge of their seats! An amazing group of dancers performed a choreographed routine combined with an artistic vocal performance by an Armenian opera singer named Mister X. Together, Pol's couture gowns were presented on the runway. Guests were left with jaws dropped by the amount of talent that was poured onto the runway. Pol' has dressed many celebrities throughout his successful career such as Betty White, Calra Ortiz, Lauren Velez, Dyan Cannon, Shawn King, Katerina Graham, California's Former First Lady, Sharon Davis and many more.
Style Fashion Week
LA Fashion Week

Following the show, keeping things Stylish and fresh, guests were treated to a fun after party in Style's venue which was lit up with beautiful chandeliers, gorgeous lounges and fashionable furniture that provided pops of trending colors that were recently seen on the runways. Guests were also left with gifts bags including items included by Style's sponsors such as New York Life, a Fortune 100 company that is one of the largest mutual life insurance company in the United States and one of the largest life insurers in the world, The American Heart Association, Prive, Starlooks and Glam Squad who will be continuing to provide the hair and makeup throughout the week, they will continue to be bringing a superior level of class, entertainment and community impact unrivaled by any other.



3.22.15 - Lisa Vanderpump Hosts Style Fashion Week, The Official Fashion Week of Los Angeles, Opening Reception March 17th

Los Angeles, California - March 17, 2015 Style Fashion Week @STYLEFWLA celebrated its kick off to its 10th season with class, sophistication and just the right amount of sexy. Style produced their opening reception at Pump Restaurant hosted by the owner of the restaurant herself, Lisa Vanderpump. The night was full of celebrities and influential industry leaders, designers who will be showcasing their collections throughout the week, partners and sponsors of Style Fashion Week and many more. Lisa VanderPump describes her setting perfectly, "You enter through the majestic gates, topped with burning flames, you feel immediately transported to a magical garden, perhaps in Tuscany or Provence." The experience that all of the guests received throughout this night was the perfect way to set the tone transitioning into Style Fashion Week as it transpires the level of class, sophistication and just the right amount of sexy that will be showcased throughout the week on and off the runway, and everything surrounding it.

Style Fashion Week
Style Fashion Week
The series of Style shows continues to be the highlight of Fashion Week with international designers and celebrity attendance and garners millions of impressions from local, national and international media. Since 2009 Style Fashion Week has been premiering world-renowned collection during Los Angeles, New York and Dubai Fashion Week. This seasons Style show presents a world-renowned collection of masterpieces crafted by designers, including Nikki Lund, Andre Soriano, Sam Sarpong and Boy London, Ashton Michael, Andrew Christian, CA-RIO-CA, R Michel'le, Coco Johnson, Ophelia Song, Kinsman Swim, Versa Swim, Latrodectus Lingerie, Nancy Vuu, Daiki Shimizu, Antti Asplund, Gaby Wild and K. Nicole, benefitting the American Heart Association.
Style Fashion Week
Style announced their partnership with Nicolas G Perez, an agent with the Covina Valley office of New York Life, a Fortune 100 company that is one of the largest mutual life insurance company in the United States and one of the largest life insurers in the world and the American Heart Association. Prive, Starlooks and Glam Squad were also present as they provided mini makeovers to guests to give them a sense of the experience their products provide as they will be providing hair and makeup for Style throughout the week.
Style Fashion Week


3.17.15 - Google Uses Technology to Preserve Global Street Art
The Google Art Project expands its collection of Street Art imagery from around the world


The Google Art Project is working to preserve Street Art and make it available to global fans, anywhere and anytime. The Street Art collection features high resolution images and online exhibitions from museums and organizations around the world. By bringing together a wide variety of global partners, the goal is that everyone can enjoy these artworks long after the paint has faded from the walls.

More than 50 new global partners have curated exhibitions and together provided more than 10,000 high resolution images, enabling street art fans to dive into the hidden details of paintings at the click of a mouse.

The Street Art collection first launched in June of 2014 with 30 global partners and has since doubled the number of images shared on the digital platform. The collection consists of high resolution images of street art from around the world as well as Street View panoramas of select murals.

“When the street is your canvas, the world becomes a gallery for everyone to enjoy. Technology provides a way to preserve these ephemeral artworks and make them available anywhere and anytime. This digital collection of more than 10,000 images, 160 new exhibits and animated GIF-iti art from more than 30 countries around the world brings vibrant street art off the walls to computers, mobile phones and wearables with just an Internet connection." Amit Sood, Head of the Google Art Project.

There are a number of ways to enjoy the collection from a range of devices. All of the images are now available on the new Google Art Project Chrome extension, Chromecast, Android Wear and mobile devices. TV screens can be turned into a vibrant backdrop and Street Art Watch Faces can be downloaded for Android Wear devices. On phones or tablets, users can browse through partners' new apps to take a virtual tour or check out exhibits online.

Google Art
Google Art
Google Art
Google Art
Google Art
Google Art
Google Art
Google Art





2.09.15 - Live music performance and celebration of Bleona’s new
best-selling ShoeDazzle shoe & handbag line.

International music superstar, Bravo TV’s “Euros Of Hollywood” star, multi-hyphenate Renaissance woman. Bleona is a best-selling, award-winning artist, producer, actor, model and entrepreneur who has performed for large-scale stadium crowds, presidents and royals, selling more than1.5 million albums worldwide. Her U.S./English language debut will be released April 2015, with Timbaland, Fuego and Roccstar attached.

Bleona’s first single “Take It Like A Man” hit #7 on the UK Pop Dance chart without promotional support. Her current single “F**k You I’m Famous” is now available on iTunes, receiving Clear Channel support and high rotation on SiriusXM.

Bleona has appeared on more than 35 international magazine covers. Her European concerts sell out with 50,000 – 80,000+ attendees.

A major part of her message is support of the LGBT community, who were early fans of her music and career. She has performed at the White Party and SLS Las Vegas

Live music performance Friday, February 13th, 10 p.m. Doors and 11 p.m. Live Performance at GREYSTONE MANOR 643 N. La Cienega Blvd. West Hollywood, CA.

*Open to the Public don't miss it!!!


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